Atlas is an all-in-one tool for support teams that brings together customer data with their support communications. It was founded by Jon and Rahul, who had previously worked in engineering and product roles at their own startups. While working with support agents, they realized how much context switching was involved in their work and how difficult it was to access the treasure trove of information in their support team's tools. This was due to siloed data across multiple different tools for support.

To address this issue, they came up with the idea to create a single tool that could handle all the vital functions of a support team, centered on customers rather than tickets. This would allow agents to respond faster and with much more context. And so, Atlas was born. Today, Atlas offers features such as custom inboxes, custom segments, and search functionality to help support teams stay organized and provide better customer service.

By empowering customer support teams with a holistic picture of their customers, tools to quickly respond to their customers needs, and insights to understand their customers at a much deeper level than before, we are transforming customer support from a cost center into an engine of product innovation.

Our Investors

  • Parker Conrad

    CEO, Rippling

  • Jack Altman

    CEO, Lattice

  • Austen Allred

    CEO, BloomTech

  • Jamie Quint

    Fmr. Head of Growth, Notion

  • Arash Ferdowsi

    Cofounder, Dropbox

  • Abhijeet Dwivedi

    CEO, ZeroDown