All of the support tools you need to provide a best-in-class customer experience, fully integrated into one suite.


Guide your customers through their journey by creating helpful and engaging chatbot workflows for any experience.

Custom Data

Custom data (custom fields, custom events): Get the exact contextual information you need for your customers with custom data and events.

Help Center

Cut your workload in half by giving your customers answers to their most common questions through a self-serve help center


Cut through the noise in a sea of tickets to and get to the core of your customers desires, all without needing a data analyst.


Chat, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Slack: Talk to your customers where they already are from one simple, unified interface.


Track the quality of your customer support through easy to read charts sent directly to your inbox.

Session Replay

A video is worth a thousand words. Let your customers show you rather than tell you with session recording.

Smart Assist

Supercharge your team with AI-powered suggested responses, suggested articles, and summaries.

Customer centric

See your customers' journey from all sides: session recordings, console and server errors, and your internal tools in a single location right when you need them. Respond in-place to your customers' preferred channels: live chat, email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Slack.


View a customer's entire journey in a single, easy to follow, chronological timeline.


Create custom inboxes to view tickets for any customer segment.


Supercharge your responses with canned responses, help articles, and context sensitive suggestions.

Modern tooling

Move effortlessly through your support issues with modern tooling design around your workflows — not the other way around. Leverage artificial intelligence to work 10x faster.

Keyboard First

Take any action and navigate throughout the app with just a few keystrokes.

Command Menu

Handle your most common tasks and quickly find customers and tickets through the command menu.