Case Study: Why Coaster Uses Atlas for Unifying Support Channels

This case study explores how Coaster uses Atlas to unify all of their support channels and operations.

Case Study: Why Coaster Uses Atlas for Unifying Support Channels
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Coaster, the go-to platform for guided outdoor adventures, trusts Atlas to deliver unforgettable travel experiences. I chatted with Nick Fiacco, Coaster's Founder & CEO, to understand why they chose Atlas and how it was an ideal fit.

About Coaster

Coaster is where travelers discover and book the finest guides and experiences worldwide. Nick's mission at Coaster is simple: to make finding that perfect adventure effortless. And timely support is the key to making this happen.
For Coaster, this meant finding a chat solution that's fast and reliable and seamlessly integrates with their Slack workspace. Nick and his team needed a way to streamline all incoming messages into one neat thread to prioritize and respond to messages promptly. Plus, having a customizable platform that aligns with Coaster's brand was non-negotiable.
Coaster’s Criteria for Support Platform
  • Easy setup
  • Fast and reliable
  • Integrates with Slack
  • Unified customer conversations
  • Customizable themes

Discovering the Perfect Match with Atlas

Easy to Setup, Fast, and Reliable

Teams shouldn’t require days or weeks to get started. Our philosophy is that support is an organization-wide responsibility - from developers who set up the platform to support teams who use it to deliver exceptional service.
Atlas’ chat widget didn’t affect our website performance or SEO score. And with the ability to customize, it looks on-brand. It fits with what our customers are expecting. - Nick Fiacco

Optimizing for Performance (for the technically inclined)

Nick wanted to offload JavaScript functionalities dynamically, ensuring the site remained interactive and responsive immediately upon load. He found that Intercom didn’t allow this out-of-the-box, while Atlas’ inherent optimization capabilities made it easy to set up.
It allowed Coaster's engineering team to bypass the complex adjustments required by other tools, thereby maintaining a seamless user experience while adhering to Google's stringent SEO metrics. The Coaster team moved all their Core Web Vitals scores into the green.

One Platform, All Communication Channels

Users expect instant answers - on call, email, or live chat. Having a single view of customer interactions reduces duplication of effort and prevents critical information from slipping through the cracks.
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Atlas + Slack Connect:
  • Create tickets from threads.
  • Respond to tickets and get notifications directly in Slack.
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Coaster’s Needs 🤝 Our Roadmap

Coaster’s users often require support over calls. Atlas has direct integrations with Aircall and Dialpad, but we plan to offer native telephony support soon.
Nick wears several hats—founder, PM, and developer. While our native session recording feature (which replaces Hotjar or Fullstory) is the best in class, he was keen on finding ways to reproduce front-end bugs that weren’t evident through a video recording. We’ve added it to our roadmap so that support can make bug reporting and fixing easier.

Is Atlas Right For You?

Rather than answer this ourselves, we asked Nick.
“Atlas is ideal for companies that need all customer conversations in one place. As a two-sided marketplace, we use it for both B2B and B2C support,” says Nick.
Whether you’re a team of one or one hundred, Atlas might be your solution for making customer delight an organization-wide effort. You can get started with Atlas or book a demo with me.

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Jon O’Bryan

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