Give your customers superhuman support

Atlas is a blazingly fast, modern support platform, helping identify and diagnose customer experience and interaction.

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Support-led growth for next-gen startups

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A suite of support products

All of the best-in-class, fully integrated support tools.

  • Timeline

    View a customer's entire journey in a single, easy to follow, chronological timeline.

  • Smart Assist

    Supercharge your team with AI-powered suggested responses, suggested articles, and summaries.

  • Session Replay

    A video is worth a thousand words. Let your customers show you rather than tell you with session recording.

  • Omnichannel

    Chat, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Slack: Talk to your customers where they already are from one simple, unified interface.

  • Insights

    Cut through the noise in a sea of tickets to and get to the core of your customers desires, all without needing a data analyst.

  • Chatbots

    Guide your customers through their journey by creating helpful and engaging chatbot workflows for any experience.

Customer Centric Productivity

Build relationships with your customers by seeing them in their full context. Check it out below 👇

A Modern Tool with a Modern User Experience

Finally a fast, simple UI. Rich hotkeys, a command palette, and AI accelerated productivity tools.

  • Keyboard First

    Know your customers most pressing and time sensitive issues.

  • Search

    Use our advanced search to perform powerful queries across your customer data without needing a data analyst.

  • super fast

    No more coffee breaks while waiting for pages to load.


See what high-growth teams have to say about our platform

  • Atlas is incredible. The screen recording feature, especially, is a game changer. That, combined with the slack integration, has made life super convenient for me to deliver a terrific customer support experience
    Neil Gandhi
  • We’ve used atlas for almost 2 yrs, love it. Simple to use. We manage everything from Slack, it’s awesome.
    Chris Frantz
    Co-Founder & CEO, Loops
  • Atlas has been a breath of fresh air, seamlessly combining customer conversations, making support efficient & personalized. The customer timeline & integrated help center are invaluable. The responsiveness of the Atlas team made the switch so easy!
    Jocelyn Weigel
    Head of Customer Experience & Fulfillment
  • Fast responses, seamless Slack integration, all-in-one view. Atlas makes support effortless. We moved from delayed responses on other platforms to instant, effective communication with Atlas.
    Trevor Lee
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • We’ve been using Atlas for over a year. The product is great and the team is extremely helpful and responsive. Unlike other products, Atlas feels like a natural fit to our existing tooling and workflows. I would recommend this 10/10.
    Brad Sickles
  • With Atlas, Slack integration is seamless, making quick responses a breeze. The founders’ support is unparalleled, elevating our customer service experience!
    Kevin Riccardi
    Head of Operations, First Delivery